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The headline in The Guardian (June 16, 2018) read: 2,000 children separated from parents in six weeks under Trump policy.  As I went on, each sentence was more disturbing than the one before.  The events as reported were horrific, but – this may surprise you – the sentence that finally sank its fist into my gut was this one: A small group of reporters were [sic] given strictly controlled access earlier this week to one immigration detention centre where some children forcibly separated from their parents, or crossing the border alone, are being held. Why were the reporters given only strictly controlled access?  For the security of the children?  I doubt that.  If the government was concerned about the children’s welfare, the children would be with their parents.  So I ask again, why was access strictly controlled and why were the reporters allowed in only one immigration detention center?  Why […]

I’m still not sure about this blogging thing.  For example, when I wrote about my evening out with friends a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to mention Scott.  I feel awful.  How could I have forgotten Scott? I’ll tell you.  Writing quickly, without a day or preferably a week or a month in which to edit and revise, is dangerous.  I might say anything—insult my best friend, damage my daughter, cast off my husband, forget Scott—without realizing the smallest bit is amiss.  I write slowly—painfully slowly—for good reason. I remember seeing Arianna Huffington on the Daily Show, prior to the launch of the Huffington Post, attempting to sell Stewart on the benefit of blogs.  “Think of all those jokes that you write but toss into the junk because you have less than 30 minutes to make your point and be funny.”  (I’m paraphrasing like crazy because I cannot find […]