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Jump the Bright Line

Slow Dance in Cut Time

Aspirations of Eve

Edna St. Vincent Millay is brought before the High Court of the Afterlife to answer for her crimes against Being One of the Lucky Ones. A journey, a death, and a careless comment swell like varicose veins.  We all grow old.  We might as well grow up. A mother can go mad competing with her daughter.  A daughter can go mad, as well.


Impossible Memory

Lurking Variables

The Depth of Holes

Satan hopes there is, at least, a hair’s breadth of truth in the hoary aphorism. You know the one: pen… mightier… sword. Some people are complete in a circle of a single point.  Imagine that. I’d rather be thrown into a hole of trolls than be condemned to solitary, said Mr. Gynt to me.

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