Ahoy!  Lies Ahead!

Apropos of my latest attempt at poetry, Miriam sent me this chart.  I like it.  For the most part, and for what it’s worth, I agree with the way these media outlets are slotted.  Give it a look.  If you think it’s trustworthy, pass it along.


As Walter Cronkite can no long fact check for us and Ed Murrow is not doing investigative journalism these days, we are left to take care of ourselves.  And that’s okay, I suspect, as we are supposed to be grown-ups, e.g. free, independent, and capable thinkers.  To give some guidance, though, the following three sites are considered the best nonpartisan resources for determining the truth of political information.  Should you come across a statement that sets your radar zinging, you might go to: POLITIFACT, FACTCHECK.ORG, and The Washington Post’s FACT CHECKER.

For the next four years, we will have a powerful child in charge.  All attempts at rescue have, thus far, failed.  Anyone who believes this egomaniacal preteen can be controlled is a fool.  So, consider yourselves having chosen a vacation on the previously uninhabited island of Lord of the Flies.  Put yourself in Sunnyside Daycare, a la Toy Story 3, where the only escape is the incinerator.  (Do you catch the reference?) In other words, each of us must think as independent adults because knowing who to trust and what to trust is going to become murkier and murkier and more dangerous.

I said, “For the next four years…”, but Miriam predicts Trump and his cohorts, including the Supreme Court, will soon have the Twenty-Second Amendment repealed.  As it’s relatively young, having passed only 70 years ago, I’m not going to argue with her.  She may have it right.  So it, perhaps, will take us 40 years to cross the slough, or more considering Moses is as dead as Murrow.  But if we refuse to accept being cast back into childhood, if we insist on being treated like adults as well as demanding of ourselves that we act like adults, we can make it through.

We’ll be tired.  Adults are always tired, especially when having to deal with adolescents who want nothing more than to bully, lie, and play with their tweets.

So keep your eyes open, your brains sharp, get enough sleep and exercise.  Oh, and CHECK YOUR FACTS.